About Us

GTR Auto Sales is a used car dealership dedicated to cater to each customer individually, to satisfy their own practical needs. GTR Auto Sales buys only the best used vehicles at or below wholesale prices in order to bring the savings to the customers. GTR Auto Sales was established on 25/07/2014.

GTR Auto Sales has several advantages over its leading competitors. Key benefit to the customer is quality inventory, backed by an excellent warranty and a competitive price.

GTR Auto Sales is a both product & service business.

Services and products offered:

  • Used vehicles of various makes and models ( during the winter months inventory will be focused on 4×4 trucks and utility units)
  • Mechanical services and inspections for vehicles under warranty in arrangement with a licensed mechanical shop

The desire to open GTR Auto Sales and run an automotive industry business existed for a long time. GTR Auto Sales’s owners are both true car enthusiasts and have been privately involved in tuning and repairing vehicles.


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